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Here Are Some Awesome Motivational Posters For Your Workspace or Office -


Here Are Some Awesome Motivational Posters For Your Workspace or Office -


close up shots of Angelic Pretty’s Crystal Dream Carnival OP <3 i’m getting really excited for mine to arrive! there’s so many details.


New You Magazine Spreads

Victo Ngai

Here are the 2 spreads I did for New You magazine. The first article focus on combating caner with new integrative treatments while the second talks about the importance of caring for body, soul and mind. 

Big thanks to AD Donna! 


Princess Mononoke print!


Princess Mononoke print!


Birds Of A Feather | by Claire Rosen.

A brilliant live portrait series by Claire Rosen featuring vintage wallpaper backdrops to accentuate and highlight the colors of each bird, which range from the common Parakeet to the exotic Hyacinth Macaw.

As seen on: Honestly WTF.


Discovery Channel Latam Rebrand by Plenty.

Proud to know that Discovery Channel Re-branding is using the Politica font by Sudtipos. Check it here:


Maja Wrońska

She creates beautiful works of art inspired by architecture, and now she has a tumblr! You can also find her work on facebook.

Check out this tumblr!


#7daysofcolor day 5, blue!


#7daysofcolor day 5, blue!



I hear the theme song every time I look at this painting haha. This is my contribution to Nico’s awesome SailorMoon themed art show! 

Basically, this weekend. Aug 16th in Los Angeles at Meltdown Comic’s Nerdist showroom, come by to see MEATBALL HEAD, a 100+ artists’s take on the most famous magical girl of our generation! The show features so many of my favourite artists/collegemates! I’m really sad that I can’t be there in person, but please stop by if you’re in the area! It’s sure to be a blast! 

For more information, read his post below!


About 2 years ago when I first started planning art show curating, one theme in particular was at the top of my list. And now it’s finally happening!!


MEATBALL HEAD: An Art Gallery Celebrating Over 20 Years of Sailor Moon

For Love and Justice!Meatball Headis an artistic celebration of the beloved Japanese phenomenon Sailor Moon, brought to you byover 100 talented artistsfrom around the industry. Curated by Nico Colaleo!

After fighting evil by moonlight, you are coordially welcomed to join us for the opening receptionat Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics (7522  Sunset  Blvd, Los Angeles) from 7pm-11pm, Saturday, August 16th 2014! Enjoy free beer and wine, along with Sailor Moon-themed entertainment, decor, surprises, and photo-ready backdrops. Start planning now, because in the name of the Moon, you’re not going to want to miss this fantastic evening!